This course has been designed to provide a summary of the most important fly species in the South African livestock industry. It also discusses common diseases and problems that arise secondary to these fly species, as well as control measures that can be implemented, and suitable treatment remedies that could be applied, to decrease the negative impact of flies on livestock.

Who Should Enrol

Animal Health Technicians, Lab Technicians, Co-op employees, Farmers

Course Design

Online training course.

  • Module 1 – Background on flies
  • Module 2 – Effects on animals
  • Module 3 – Cost of flies & fly control

Learning Outcomes

This course provides an excellent overview of the most important factors regarding flies and their control. After studying the material and the completion of this course, the learner will have broadened his knowledge on:

  • Important flies in the livestock industry
  • Important diseases associated with these flies and the impact they can have on animals
  • The appropriate control measures and treatment that can be applied to mitigate the effect of flies.


Multiple-choice test.


In order to qualify for a certificate, the learner will be required to complete the course and pass the multiple-choice test with 80%.