Afrivet Academy aims to provide training and education for the entire profession

  • Handlers, stock owners and animal health technicians will be able to identify disease at an early stage and reduce production loss in their animals.
  • Veterinarians and other veterinary professions will have the opportunity to accumulate CPD points and gain knowledge on the latest veterinary trends.
  • Agents, sales representatives and co-op employees within the agricultural and veterinary industry will receive proper information and training on the latest products and will be able to assist their clients with relevant information on preventing disease and keeping their livestock in a good condition.

Afrivet Academy is run online, so you can sign up and log in at your own time in your home or practice to do the course that was set up by an expert in the specific field.

After reading through or listening to the course content, a test is completed, and certification issued. Veterinary professionals will obtain CPD points for accredited courses.