There are many factors which can affect the newborn piglet and its survivability. This course describes the challenges facing the newborn piglet as well as causes of piglet mortality. It looks at the nutritional requirements of a newborn piglet and the importance of colostrum and fatty acids which are critical for a piglet’s survival. This course aims to develop an understanding of the first few days of a piglet’s life and how we can increase their chances of survival.

Who Should Enrol

Veterinary Professionals, Veterinary Nurses, Animal Health Technicians, Co-op employees, Afrivet Livestock Agents, Afrivet Agent Assistants, Other IAP Agents

Course Design

Online training course.

  • Module 1

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, the learner will understand:

  • the nutritional needs of the newborn piglet and how to increase their chances of survival.


Multiple-choice test.


In order to qualify for a certificate, the learner will be required to complete the course and pass the multiple-choice test with 80%.